Beyond Autism counseling and guidance for life’s challenges…..

Nothing is so overwhelming that it is worth the contemplation of leaving your life unfinished.”

Nothing is so overwhelming that is worth the contemplation of leaving your life unfinished.

Welcome to Beyond Autism Counseling and Mediation.  My name is Deborah Hulien and I am conveniently located in picturesque Hebron, CT, at the corners of Rt.85 and Rt.66.  There may be past or current times when you have experienced an emotional upset in your life.  It is not going to last forever, maybe it will be just a temporary setback.  You are not alone;  most adolescents and adults will encounter pain, hurt, and broken trust sometime in their lives……..

I have been a therapist for 25+ years and have a Master’s Degree in Education and a Discipline in Counseling Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Social Work. Additionally, I have been a certified Marital Mediator for many years in NH and now CT.  My education, experience and proficiency in psychology, social work, and family relationships has allowed me to offer a wide range of counseling services for adolescents and adults from age 12 to 99.   I believe that there are solutions for most of life’s problems and that you are never alone.

If you find yourself struggling with the challenges by life, your relationships, chronic anxiety and depression, or believe you may have a family member with autism spectrum disorder, I know I can help you to improve your overall mental health and feel better.  Please use the menu to navigate through this site to learn more.

you are not alone, please reach out for help now at 860 – 808 – 9177, Deborah.

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